Is Your Idea the Next Craftsman Start-Up Business?

Since 2000 craftsman startup businesses have been making a mark on the economy. These are businesses which typically start in a home and expand into thriving international businesses. One example of a craftsman startup business which has taken off is Middleton Knives. Middleton Knives was founded by Quinton Middleton. Middleton took his love of knives two years ago and has built a thriving startup business. He started in a workshop in his backyard and plans to soon expand into a factory to produce his high quality culinary knives.

This is a good example of taking something you have a passion for and turning it into a successful startup business. Not only did he have a passion for knife making, he also sought out training from the American Bladesmith Society. Currently he has completed the apprenticeship level and plans on completing journeyman smith and master smith. His mentor, Jason Knight, is one of 180 master smiths in the world.

Another factor which has made Middleton Knives such a success is Middleton’s knowledge and talent for marketing. When you have a small startup business marketing can be one of the deciding factors on whether or not it is a success or failure. Early in his business he sought out professional chefs to test out his knives. He used their feedback to develop a high quality professional culinary line of knives. Middleton also used Facebook to reach professional chefs and spread the word about his knives. Through the use of social networking he was able to reach several hundred professionals, and many of the soon became loyal customers. Continue reading »

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Increasing B2B Conversions

A common problem that business to business (B2B) companies have with their online inbound marketing campaigns is increasing their conversion rates. It can be difficult enough to get the businesses representatives you want to come to your site, but securing those leads and converting them into customers is a whole new challenge.

If you’re wondering where you’ve gone wrong in terms of increasing your conversion rate, these strategies are some that you can begin to implement on your website and your landing pages today.

Make Offers that Make Sense

Here’s something that we’re all quite familiar with: we hop onto Google, type something into search, then click on one of the first few search result links. That website may answer our query (if we are lucky!), but many of these websites also have inappropriate offers, or “calls to action” (CTAs) on the page that deliver no value to the visitor. Continue reading »

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Direct Sales Opportunities Can Help You Make A Career Out Of Selling

For all those restless souls who love to talk, direct sales opportunities are here! Yes, they’re for the extroverts and social butterflies, who have high dreams in their eyes and wish to be independent. Well, I don’t mean to say that introverts don’t have a chance here. They too can make a career out of direct sales. However, for selling, you need to come out of your shell.

Now, before I tell you the benefits of grabbing a direct sales opportunity, you should know that direct selling has grown into a multi-million dollar industry in America, and it’s still growing even as I write this article. This industry offers a golden opportunity to increase your business by marketing your products and services in the most exciting and attractive manner.

To be precise, direct selling is the marketing of products or services through presentations, demos, telemarketing, and visits. This is a kind of promotion that requires hardcore convincing and abolishes the need for dealers, agents, or brokers. For the most part, the products and services are those that are not likely to sell off the shelf. Continue reading »

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Direct Sales Software – Your Loyal Assistant In Business!

Direct sales software has made the life of many direct sales executives easy and less stressful. In this profession, customers are everything. Much of your work comprises of getting to know the customers, digging up their buying habits and preferences, and keeping in touch with them. When the list of contacts gets longer and becomes unmanageable, you’ll need an “assistant” that organizes your networking to make it smoother and more efficient.

The Functions Of Direct Sales Software

1) It enters the complete information about guests and hosts. It adds their address, email ID, and contact number. You have an option to include their favorite items to personalize your service to customers. Simply click the check box and add the contacts to your e-mail list or post mail list.

2) It organizes your party details such as guest list, number of guests, shipping, sales, tax rates, and others at one place. You only need to click at the box to mark the closure of party.

3) It undergoes inventory tracking. It tracks wholesale as well as retail values, produces, and prints reports. Continue reading »

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Increase the Performance of Commercial Flooring

The performance of commercial flooring is as good as the product will allow. However, there are numerous things that you can implement that will increase the lifecycle and performance of a new floor covering.

Carpet should be maintained using a correct maintenance programme by a professional cleaning company from the moment it is installed, this should comprise of regular visits to carry out spot removal and deep cleaning to high traffic areas. The application of a carpet protector spray will help with the cleaning, maintenance and performance of the carpet, what it won’t do is provide bullet proof protection for the carpet as many people believe will be the case. If staff have access to drinks machine or kitchen areas where they make food or drinks, these areas should be monitored closely and if tea/coffee spillages are becoming a problem consider limiting drinks to specific areas that can be contained.

Vinyl floors can range from basic tiles through to luxury vinyl tiles incorporating a PU sealant. The floor type will depend on the installation type, foot traffic and what happens on a cleaning and maintenance basis, if a vinyl floor has been installed in a warehouse environment, the foot traffic is heavy, it will need an additional protective sealant applied to maintain the surface. Like most floor coverings it is the grit and dirt that will affect and damage the surface, it is important to minimise this as much as possible especially in high footfall areas where is can quickly scratch the tile surface if not sealed. PU sealants are available for further protection, these will provide a lot more protection against the traditional dressings or emulsion polishes and will carry a 3 year warranty in some cases. Continue reading »

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