7 Ways to Advertise Your Embroidery Business on a Budget

Advertising is one cost we all have to learn to live with. But when you are a small embroidery company working from a home based operation there is very little left in the budget.

Some ideas which are quite easy to do and inexpensive to reach potential customers are as follows:

1. Get business cards printed and leave them everywhere. This is the easiest form of advertising to do and is very inexpensive. On line business card printers will print 1,000 cards for less than $35.00.

2. Create price lists for all your suppliers’ catalogues. Trying to compute a price on your calculator is not only time consuming but unprofessional. Price lists are very simple to make in a excel spread sheet. Vendors will supply excel spread sheets which can be modified with your mark ups.

Using a price sheet puts you in a strong position with your customer and shows that you are organized. Just think if you went into Wal Mart and everything you purchases was negotiated.

3. Utilize free catalogues from your suppliers. It’s now almost mandatory that suppliers provide free catalogues to their customers. Grab and collect as many catalogues you can. Hand them out with your price sheet. This is a very inexpensive way to advertise practically for free.

4. Use samples. Suppliers are now giving free sample merchandise to their distributors. Take advantage of this and stitch out jackets or shirts with custom embroidery to give to to select customers. They not only will appreciate it they will eventually purchase. This is another idea that is practically free. Remember the more you patronize one vendor the more that vendor will help you.

In my business, I’ve reduced my supplier list to three vendors’s apparel in our showroom. Working with a limited amount of vendors allows us to partner with them for free catalogues, free samples, and advertising help. Both members of this team effort are winners. So far, we haven’t spent much of our ad budget but we sure have made some headway in promoting our products.

5. Consider smaller local advertising. Examples would be advertising in school newspapers, church bulletins, Service club newsletters, etc. All these ads can be purchased for less than $50.00 for a year.

6. Promote yourself online with AdWords. Today it has become virtually a requirement to maintain a web presence for your embroidery business. Building a website and keeping a Facebook page isn’t enough though, if potential customers are not able to easily find it. Google ad words is an effective way to promote yourself, and also allow you to keep close watch on your budget. By limiting your ads to your local region and by being specific in the words you choose, you can maximize your advertising dollars and see results extremely quickly.

7. Use thank you cards. Thank you cards are a positive way to promote your business. Sending a thank you card when you are done with each order will go a long way to turn your customers in to raving fans. My business does it with each order. The response is unbelievable. Our customers’ number one comment is “no one takes the time to say thank you.” We do it and we have customers who have been with us for over 35 years. The old adage is that you market to your base and they will become the promoters for your company.

Most important is frequency. Establish a procedure for thank you cards, inexpensive advertising, handing our business cards, and sending the free samples to your current customer base. It will work and it is cheap. Do it and watch your business grow.

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