CD Insert Printing Ideas

CD insert printing is a task that can be quite challenging especially to those who have never done it before. However, that should not bar you from coming up with the best prints for CD inserts. In fact, there are several options that you can take in order to create the best CD inserts. Below are some useful ideas that you can rely on whenever you need to come up with appealing CD inserts.

• Use free design templates
There are several free design templates that you can obtain for use at your convenience. Besides, there are also several specialized design label design software’s that you can also obtain online for use in CD insert printing. The software offers layouts and can also enable you to design, save and print inserts that match your personal taste. Templates on the other hand are already designed such that you only need to insert your artwork or design depending on what you need. Since you are able to download them free or charge, they are very cost effective.

• Create designs that relate to the project
CD inserts are used in selling CD or DVD projects and so you have to ensure that whenever you are doping the printing, the aspect of relevance is upheld. You should always ensure that the artwork that is used on the inserts not only complement but also reflect the project that is contained in the DVDs or CDs. In order to make the insert appealing to your target audience, you can even print on both sides with instructions on how to use the disc on one side. You should also include your contact information on the cover.

• Pay attention to the artwork safe zone
This is one aspect that most people do not give much priority whenever they are printing CD inserts. The artwork safe zone refers to a 1/8 inch space that should be maintained at the edges of the printing area. You should always ensure that you avoid putting any important information towards the edges of the inserts. This is to ensure that certain information is not lost even if there are errors in the measurements of the margins during printing.

• Choose the best printing paper
You can either use glossy or matte paper finish for CD inserts printing. However, it should be noted that each one of these papers have got their merits and demerits and so you have to be cautious. Glossy printing papers are generally more expensive compared to matte and so matte would be an ideal choice if you are operating on a low budget.

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