Make the Most Out of Marketing Your Accountancy Firm

For many new businesses, getting noticed let alone turning a profit can be a constant battle. Creating and maintaining a portfolio of clients is a challenge that many marketing experts wrestles with every day. So what if you are not in marketing? What if you are an accountant?

The skills and techniques used are wide and varied, however, they are not necessarily overly complicated. By striking upon a few key elements you can start the ball rolling towards financial growth, all the while refining what you and your business can offer in a dynamic and competitive market.

Narrow down your audience

Who you choose to target will have a direct impact upon your profits, so it’s important that you identify a specific audience. Play to your strengths, this will avoid losing time and money on clients that you are unable to help.

Once you understand who you are targeting, decide exactly what service you are going to specialise in. This may mean keeping your services simple in order to work multiple clients, charging a reduced price but accumulating large profits. Alternatively you may wish for a more indepth approach, therefore charging larger amounts but from fewer clients.

Tailor your image

Once you have a clear understanding of who you want to attract, you will be able to tailor yourself to their needs.

One way you can do this by making sure your website is clear, simple and directly aimed at your audience. Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, specialise. Browsing through websites can be time consuming, by making yours specific to their needs, you have a greater chance of retaining their attention and custom.

Explore channels

Chose the most effective means of targeting your audience. This may be through blogs, telemarketing, social media, mailing, print advertising or PR companies to name a few. The important thing is to keep your options open, try a few and monitor its success. If one fails it does not mean that marketing is useless, but rather it could be the wrong medium.

You can also optimize the exposure your website receives by having keywords on your site that your audience is likely to enter into a search engine. You can also use directories that connect your website through many others, this is a great way to raise the profile of your site. There is plenty of information online about search engine optimization (SEO) and the great thing is most techniques are free.

Be old fashioned

Despite all these new techniques, never forget to keep hold of the old fashioned stuff. It is often said, regardless of business or service, that it is easier to receive income from an existing client than attract a new one. This can be achieved by nothing more than great customer service. People are likely to inform someone else if they feel that you have provided a good job, what’s more is that they will probably come back too. Word of mouth may not be as cutting edge as creating a dynamic app for your smartphone, but for now it’s still a sure fire way of making new, and retaining old clients.

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