Sneeze Guards For Your Restaurant Or Bar

Sneeze guards for restaurants, what are my options?

You have a salad bar, but the board of health is telling you that the product needs to be protected from your customers. Buffet guards are going to vary, it all depends on the type of salad bar that you are using. A food shield will also need to conform with the state laws. Portable guards are also an option if you do not have a permanent salad bar in place.

Guards for restaurants do I actually need one?

I am the first to admit that I do not know the laws for every state. Bar sneeze guards may not be required in your state of business. Even if they are not required, it does make your bar or restaurant appear as someone who cares for the health of its customers. In Wisconsin there are specific requirements that must be followed for any type of buffet sneeze guards. So before you do anything contact your local board of health and see what their requirements are.

Guards for restaurants different types for different situations.

You may have a salad bar where there are no posts for mounting purposes. If that’s the case one could be fabricated that could be suspended from the ceiling. Or if you have an older salad bar that you cannot find a replacement for, one may need to be fabricated to your specification. Bar guards may be a permanent fixture or one that you want to move on a daily basis. It really all depends on the specific use for the food shield.

Guards for restaurants materials that can be used.

A food shield on your salad bar makes a healthy environment for your customers and staff. Sneeze guards for restaurants- something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Acrylic or plastic makes an attractive food shield. Buffet sneeze guards can also be fabricated in various colors using acrylic or plastic. If you’re using portable Buffet guards, say for an outside purpose, polycarbonate could be your choice. A very durable material that can take a beating. Weight could also be a factor for bar guards. Sometimes we have to fabricate them in sections. Just remember that just about any design can be accomplished. The bar sneeze guards that my company specializes in are the bent acrylic ones. But there are many companies that do injected molded pieces also.

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