Utilizing the Versatility of the Carmate 7 X 14 V Sport

Are you shopping for trailers and trying to decide which one is the best for you? One of the biggest decisions that you’ll need to make is whether an open or enclosed trailer would meet your needs the best. There are several of both options on the market. If you own your own business or just need a trailer for personal use, we suggest the Carmate 7 x 14 V Sport.

The one-piece aluminum roof will protect the interior contents from rain storms, snow or even debris. Additionally, the walls allow you to add custom options like cabinets or shelving for things like helmets, custom racks for hanging an organizing tools and accessories for your lawn mowing or crafting business, camping or hunting, lighting for convenient access any time of day or any other custom options that you can imagine. It’s best to visit with your local trailer dealership about your ideas to see how they can help you design a trailer.

The Carmate 7 x 14 V-Sport also has several features that most customers really like. It has a GVWR of 7,000# and with wide interior box width of 76 inches. The unit has a standard 36″ side man door as well as double rear doors (73″ x 68″) that allow for easy loading and unloading as well as access to the interior at any time with optional ramp door. The flooring is a durable ¾” exterior grade plywood floor that will adapt easily to tracks, d-rings and straps that you’ll need to secure motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and more. The Dexter Spring tandem axles with EZ lube hubs and 205/75R15 C range tires allow for a smooth ride down the road. Trailers also feature LED lighting so other drivers will be able to spot you easily.

There are many types of enclosed trailers, other than the 7 x 14 V Sport, that are available on the market. Many motorcycle and car racers will use the longer enclosed trailers to transport their vehicles and racing gear at once. Also, contracting businesses will use these trailers to haul supplies and necessary equipment to job sites or even have them outfitted to be used as offices for foremen right on site. Companies that collect items for resale or re-distribution in storm ravaged areas will use enclosed trailers as temporary shops, grocery stores and even laundry washing facilities. Enclosed trailers really are a versatile unit that can be set up just about any way a person can imagine. What could you do with yours?

Visit a local trailer dealership in Canada to pick out your Carmate 7 x 14 V Sport trailer today.

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