Must-Have Office Design Experts!

If you’re planning an office move or a renovation of your current space, you’ve undoubtedly begun thinking about aesthetics-wall accents, new flooring, artwork, the works. While this may seem like a task for an interior designer, you should consider adding a few more experts to your team to make a truly impactful change, one that can improve your business. After all, the whole point of revamping or relocating an office is to create greater efficiencies, cut overhead costs, and increase profits, which is exactly what a full design team can do.

First things first, you need to analyze the space that you have and decide if you are using it to the fullest. A space planner is a great expert to consult on this. He or she can analyze the current functions of your space and suggest how those functions can be enhanced by knocking down a wall, moving around furniture, or simply opening up some cubicles. The end goal with a space planner is to decide exactly how your office space will be laid out and function. Although you want a beautiful and inspiring space, employees won’t feel very inspired if there is a modern art installation blocking access to their desks. Functionality should always be a top priority for any office design.

As you begin working on the layout of your space, you will want to bring in an architect and get their input on improvements that can be made. Perhaps the space planner and architect agree a wall should be knocked down to create greater work flow. If that’s the case, it is the architect who is responsible for organizing and executing that demolition and any other structural enhancements the space might need. Continue reading »

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Civil Structural Engineering – Understanding the Need for Structural Engineers

Civil structural engineering is a field of engineering, which deals with the design and evaluation of structures that carry or support loads. It is usually considered to be a branch of civil engineering, but can be studied on its own. Engineers and contractors are mostly involved in the design and analysis of beams, columns and other support devices for both buildings and non-buildings structures, such as tunnels, bridges, stadia, and much more.

They may also be involved in the design of different types of machinery, vehicles, aerospace structures, Nano scale structures, medical equipment, and etc.

Contractors who work on buildings are responsible for analysing schematics and making sure that the building is safe for occupancy. Their daily tasks consist of building design review and site visits. During their site visits, they undertake a thorough inspection of different aspects of a building, including foundation, insulation, floors, columns, building envelope, infrastructure, curtain wall, and so forth.

They also compare the approved plans with the actual building to ensure that they correspond, and that the entire building meets the building codes for structural safety. Continue reading »

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Building A War Room With Massive Flat Panel Displays Considered

Well, there are many businesses in the United States which start up in an extra room in someone’s home, out of their garage, and eventually they grow and take over the whole house until which point they have to actually move into a physical business location. The reason I know this is I’ve been involved in such things, and to remember starting my own small businesses the same way. I can remember taking over the entire house with maps on the walls (all of the walls in the whole house) of each of our marketing regions. Basically, the house was wallpapered in maps.

When friends would come over to visit they used to ask me; you must like maps? And that’s pretty funny considering that there were very few pictures, but there were maps everywhere. Today, you can do the same thing with massive flat panel displays and you’d have all the world’s information as well. Today you have things like Google Earth and other tools available.

You can use ERSI software such as ArcView or ArcData with overlays of information, and embedded spreadsheets of names of companies, contacts, and just about anything that you could get from any known Internet vendor which sells data and information. If you read any of the Tom Clancy novels in the Op Center Series, you envision ready rooms and war rooms filled with CIA executives, or Pentagon top brass with large flat panel displays everywhere. Satellite views, information, international media sources, documents, data bases, and perhaps even what you might consider data overload. Continue reading »

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Main Street Parking Concept – Design the City With a Car Carousel Scheme

Not long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the idea of driving your car onto a train, just as you might drive into a parking structure, and then parking your car. And letting the train drive you to your location, and then driving your car off onto the loading ramp and into the city were ever your intended destination was. Interestingly enough, a company called TTX owns tens of thousands of rail cars that are three stories high and they ship all the new cars for all the automobile manufacturers to the ports so they can be loaded on ships and sent all over the world.

They also take cars from all over the world which are offloaded from ships and deliver them to all the dealerships in our nation. We could use something like that. Each one of those railcars is 100 feet long and can easily hold 12 modern automobiles. 12 cars might have 20 people that go along with them, and each railcar could have a bathroom, some snack machines, it would be very similar to taking a ferry. Now then, with this same concept in mind could we have main streets in large Metro cities with some sort of a similar parking system? Let me explain this concept.

As you pull up to where you want to go, park your car, select on the meter how long you will be in the store, and then get out of your car, secure it, and walk away. There would be a rail going along the closest lane to where you parallel parked, which would come along grab your car, and take it around the back into a parking structure, or off to a side rail where would wait until it was time for you to come out again. When you went back to the parking meter you would simply press a button, and your car would be delivered back along that rail. Continue reading »

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How Are Quality Checks Different for Architectural PDF to CAD Conversion?

Quality, perhaps a four letter word for the creative side of the AEC world, is definitely a 7 letter word for the production-oriented side of architectural CAD drafting services. Zero error output is at the heart of such a firm’s survival, and Quality Assurance plays a key role in ensuring that. Architectural PDF to CAD conversion is a further specialization within this industry, borne of the almost imperative need to digitize any premises for it to be sold, leased, altered or even valued. This write up looks at how quality checks for architectural PDF to CAD conversion differ from those of regular drawings.

Intent & Source A regular CAD drawing is mostly a step between 2 stages of design and documentation. Like an SD being made to a DD, or a DD to a CD.An architectural PDF to CAD conversion however, would be the first step. It would lead to the beginning of an alteration, a Tenant Improvement, an interior, or even a demolition. The source of the architectural PDF to CAD conversion has a possibility of error in itself! The error could come from a bad scan, faded paper, or, plain simple, the source drawing being erroneous.

UNDERSTOOD. SO WHERE IS THE DIFFERENCE IN QUALITY ASSURANCE? The first difference is understanding how important the truth is for the end user, in an architectural PDF to CAD conversion, and how 100% fidelity is not possible. The key, then, is (a) Identifying grey areas: dimensions not clear, totals not adding up, doubt on the material used, etc. (b) highlighting these grey areas, both in the drawing as well as in writing Continue reading »

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Real Estate Photography: Amazing Properties Stand In The Spotlight

Putting your best foot forward is a concept that is understood well by any individual or organisation in the business of sales. Whether you offer a revolutionary product or a highly competitive service that is designed to meet the needs of your target market, one of the most important factors to your success is inevitably your skills and knowledge in presenting your offering to consumers. It goes without saying that laying out all the positive qualities and benefits of your offering has a lot to do with your audience’s perception and acceptance of your product as something that they cannot possibly live without.

In real estate, buyers are looking for specific things: a certain number of bedrooms, a balcony with a view, proximity to the central business district, a quiet and secure neighbourhood, a fully equipped or customisable kitchen, a spacious backyard, ample parking spaces, ultra-modern design philosophies, and the like. If you’re an established or a budding builder, property developer, designer, or architect, you want to be able to showcase these aspects of your building project in order to attract more business. The solution, then, would be to create an impressive portfolio of what you can do-and this can be easily accomplished with the help of professional real estate photography. Building and construction industries can experience better business and more opportunities thanks to experienced photographers.

A skilled and knowledgeable real estate photography would know exactly how to capture the right angles of a building project’s most popularly presented features such as building exterior and interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, pools, landscaped gardens, and outdoor entertainment areas. Continue reading »

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Top Tips for the Modern Office

The big buzz in modern office design is centered on the notion of an open floor plan which encourages collaboration and creativity and compliments the new way that employees work-virtually and flexibly through the internet. The whole driving thrust of this office design movement is that workplaces should reflect corporate strategy and encourage better work from employees. But! According to The Californian Management Review’s report a few years ago, less than 5% of U.S. corporations utilize design to promote corporate strategy or improve performance. What gives?

Unfortunately the prevailing view among business owners is still to fit the most employees in the smallest space by installing rows upon rows of gray cubicles, which actually stifles human contact and employee collaboration. Without these interactions, employees tend not to innovate or really care about their jobs. Although this uninspired design may have short-term savings, it can have a terrible effect on long-term productivity and employee happiness.

Of course not all businesses can afford to design a state-of-the-art workspace complete with a koi pond in the lobby, but a few simple design choices can open up your space and encourage more collaboration and greater productivity. Continue reading »

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Online Directory Showcases – The Best Interior Designers And Architects

With such a range of designers and architects to choose from how do you know you’re getting the right person to work with to produce the results for your client when you are planning a makeover project for them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of the best trade interior designers and architects were listed in one place? An online directory that showcases the best of the best showing their backgrounds, the projects they have completed, testimonials and references from previous clients and what areas they specialize in.

Now all this information is all available at the touch of your smart phone, iPad or computer.

The online trade directory showcases interior consultants and architects that can be accessed with ease in just a few minutes. This is a great solution for your clients’ upcoming projects. Continue reading »

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Skyscraper Tinting 101

Window tinting a house or car is a relatively easy thing to do, but when it comes to window tinting a skyscraper, there is more to consider. It is not an easy task to tint the windows of a skyscraper. You need to have the right equipment, the right glass tinting film, and the know-how to accurately tint windows. It is not a job for beginners, and only a properly trained and experienced glass tinting company should consider taking on such a monumental task.

The Look

Most commercial skyscraper designs today strive for that shiny metallic look, which can be achieved through window tinting. The aesthetic value alone makes this window film attractive, but moreover, the film can reduce cooling costs. The metallic film is designed to help repel UV sunlight, rather than absorb it, making the building more cost effective to cool. These films come in a wide range of colors to give each building a unique look. From grey metallic to blue – and even gold – window tint can enhance the overall design of the building by creating a unique look through color.

Privacy is also a big consideration with window tinting. The film can act like a one-way mirror, allowing individuals on the inside to see what’s going on outside, while passers-by only see their reflection. This allows businesses to keep an air of privacy and security. Continue reading »

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Challenges in Outsourcing Architectural CAD Drafting Services


The architect is language is essentially visual. Sketches, drawings, images are the tools used to convey design intent to drafters, consultants, vendors and clients. Today technology allows any of these to be easily sent to any part of the world. Why then does communication get listed as a challenge? Let is look at this from another angle Why does a bit of frustration or irritation creep in one gives instructions to one’s drafter over the phone? Maybe this question will help further Why do architects form a high percent of business travelers, second to only sales and marketing, in many countries? Think again, the last time when an architect explained his design. He used a mix of 3 modes of communication

(a) Visual, using lines

(b) Words, using voice or text

(c) Action, using hand gestures and responsive action by the listener, in the form of nods, shakes, eye contact, etc.

The last part, especially, is a hallmark of anyone communicating a design or an idea. So, how does Outsourcing deal with this innate need of communication in architectural CAD drafting services? Continue reading »

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