3 Critical Reasons to Brand Your Business Email

Branding your business includes your website, logo, brochures, t-shirts and all of the fun things we order online. Have you ever considered that your email account is included as a portion of your brand. As a business owner, establishing your business brand is extremely important. Along with your business brand, decisions will need to be made with regards to the e-mail address you plan to use for your business. Some will refer to this as branding your business email account. Of course, before many business owners got started, they may have had their favorite email service provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL. However, when it comes to business, you’ll need to make a decision as to whether you want your e-mail to reflect your business or a third-party provider.

So I’ve included 3 Critical Reasons to BRAND your business email:

1. The importance of branding your business e-mail account will fall in line with the overall brand of your business.

So, when you send people e-mails from your business, you’ll want them to immediately identify the e-mail with the business in which it was sent from. Quite frankly, too many business owners make the mistake of not understanding that their e-mail address is just as important as the name of their business, their products, and the services they provide. With this in mind, your e-mail address will play a huge role in establishing credibility and rapport for your business. Continue reading »

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Choosing a Brand Name

The name of your brand is without a doubt, a key part of your company or product’s identity. Unfortunately, a number of individuals began to promote their trade names even before they clearly define them. As a result, they end up selecting a brand title without contemplating longevity, phonetics, trademark-ability, and differentiation.

When you are choosing the name that with give your company value, you must realize your brand identity represents a great deal more than a term. Of course the name does not solely represent the brand uniqueness, but it is the element the audience associates directly with the company itself. As such, the brand name should be distinctly unique so consumers will never confuse the brand with anything but the company to which it corresponds. In terms of success, a company’s brand is monumental. Rarely are winning logos produced before the brand title is conceived.

When it comes to drawing up possible names for your brand, you have an endless list of choices. The potential list is only limited by your imagination. The difficult part falls into play when it is time to choose the best name from within that list. The brand title you select should be one that only you own and one which can be protected by a trademark agreement. In addition to meeting that criterion, the ideal brand name will also be a catchy one that attracts attention immediately while making consumers aware of all the value the company offers. Continue reading »

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Different Varieties Of Embroidered Clothing

Embroidered clothing is becoming popular with individuals and groups. It offers an opportunity to create a personal design and have it printed on any material. The result is a unique appearance that makes you stand out whenever in a crowd. The options available for embroidery are endless. Experts in this art will reproduce the design in your mind with utmost precision.

There are specialized state of the art machines that will produce the best creation on any fabric. The designs are created from remote locations and uploaded online for convenience. In house designers will work overtime to produce the best results. This offers the required convenience and the ability to meet personal specifications.

Corporate organizations can request in bulk for their employees or clients. These pieces are produced with the highest rate of consistency in design and colour. High quality fabric and thread are assured. This is for the purposes of durability and comfort when worn. High quality finish is a key in production of any number of garments. Continue reading »

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The Need for Personalised Work Wear

Personalised work wear is more of a need than a luxury. This is due to the prevailing business culture that places great premium to branding activity. Basically, everything in the world of entrepreneurship revolves around the identity of a firm. The employees of a company should be identified with certain dress choices. It does not mean that a full organizational uniform should be the order of the day. Rather than inconveniencing workers with lookalike suits, they should be presented with desirable options. The end result of the personalization process does not have to be something that looks boring. Actually, underlying aspects can be customized in an elegant manner.

The desire for exclusivity also necessitates the purchase of this kind of attire. If highly differentiated shirts are adorned by the staff of an enterprise, the organization in question will stand out of the crowd. Being distinct is the modern day secret of business. Gone are the days when branding was not an important activity.

Image is a very important issue. Actually, the outlook is just as important as inward elements. It is allowed to conclude that a smartly dressed salesman is dealing with a top notch product. Human beings usually make assumptions based on what can be seen. Continue reading »

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Attention Grabbing Promotional Products

Studies have shown that advertising specialties make an impression and 8 out of 10 people remember the advertiser by the promo gift they’ve received. For example, a promotional stress ball is a great item for a sales meeting. People like to leave them on their desktop and they are handled often. Apparel and baseball caps are also great promotions because people see them as useful and valuable.

This year, the Pantone Color Institute released that the color of the year is “Tangerine Tango”. It’s a shade of bright reddish orange. You’ve already seen it trending in the fashion world. It’s bright, friendly and eye catching. It gives off a sense of energy and joy and it’s highly visible.Orange is becoming more popular with designers and consumers. The name of the game is eye catching.

While browsing the internet, I came across an article that compared branding to a Lifetime episode of Project Runway. It was a show where the challenge was to use unique materials to create fashionable outfits. They had to use candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar to be specific. Continue reading »

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7 Secrets on How to Choose a Graphic Design Company

While choosing a quality graphic design company might seem like a difficult task, you are going to find that the process doesn’t have to be complicated at all. In fact, there are seven simple secrets that you can use to ensure that you get the best company around. This will not only help to improve your image in general, but the quality of all items that they will be printing.

Check with People You Know for Recommendations

Chances are you know another company who has graphic design needs of their own. If you are impressed with the quality of their manuals, pamphlets and other items, you may want to ask them what company handles their printing.

Look at the Portfolio of a Company

If you don’t know another business owner with work you like, you can ask a graphic designer to show you their portfolio. This will be a collection of their best work that can help to give you a feeling for the results you can have. Continue reading »

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Give Custom Awards And Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd then you should seriously think about giving custom rewards. These rewards are an excellent way of helping to promote what you do, while giving clients and potential clients something special.

At trade shows and other business related events, you always see different companies handing out pens, mugs and key chains. They do this because this method is a great way of marketing the business and ‘Selling’ what they do. While no-one minds getting pens, mugs and key chains they’re not a very unique gift these days, so companies’ need to do something a little different in order to stand out from the crowd.

Bags, T-shirts, Jackets And More

There are other ways to promote your business and encourage your clients to stick with you. Handing out bags, t-shirts, jackets and other awards can make a difference. Everyone knows that a pen with the company logo added does not cost much. While it’s a small gesture that’s appreciated to a degree, it’s nothing very unique and people often look for something bigger and better. This means that you need to spend a bit more cash to keep your clients happy, but you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to spend too much more to give them what they deserve. Continue reading »

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Protecting Your Brand During a Crisis

All companies, big or small, business to business or business to client, global or local have a brand. Sometimes the brand is delivered via the company name, sometimes by a logo or a catch phrase. For all companies however, their brand is the message, the visuals, the good and the bad; all elements combined to create emotion and recognition. Brands may be created by working with a branding agency or by default as a company traverses its customer and vendor relationships and business landscape.

Along the journey of any business, there will be optimal moments full of shining glory and glowing reviews and then not so optimal moments with unhappy customers or vendors, negative press or social media rumor mills gone rampant. Branding agency experts agree that having a crisis management plan that covers and protects your brand is imperative. Not only can it save you money and man hours up front, but over the long term as well. Successfully handling a crisis of any magnitude can often not only redeem a company in the eyes of existing customers, but earn it new ones as well.

Threats to a company’s brand can come from within or without. In today’s social media culture, all too often we hear stories or see videos of employees engaging in questionable activities on company time or dime. These stories can go viral and result in negative press for a mega corporation or severely damage the reputation of a local company. Having social media policies and guidelines that are clearly established and shared with employees is a key step in protecting a company’s brand. But to protect a brand, a company must know exactly what their brand is. Continue reading »

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How To Offer A Free Graphic Design Service And Still Make A Healthy Living

As a graphic designer of some 20+ years, it’s fair to say the industry has changed quite drastically within the space of just a few years. Long gone are the days of extended liquid lunch meetings with clients and seeing marketing budgets that would extend to photo-shoots in some far-off exotic destination. These days small businesses and start-up companies are living hand-to-mouth and aren’t going to pay through the nose for a graphic design service, which they perceive, rightly or wrongly, isn’t going to give them value for money.

So what’s to be done? The graphic designer needs to make some money to live off of and expand their business while the client wants to pay as little as possible on marketing to enable them to succeed. The answer lies in the old adage ‘giving the customer what they want’ in this case – a quality graphic design service for free. Here we offer a few simple ideas you can implement without too much trouble and get genuine business flowing through to you in next to no time…

Free design consultation

This almost goes without saying but there are still some graphic design agencies who think charging prospective new clients to come and visit their premises to discuss a possible upcoming design project, is acceptable. Of course, there are many more designers who wouldn’t dream of charging for what is very often an informal discussion between two parties with no obligation on either part. However, even if it’s a meeting that lasts half an hour or less, this is still taking a bite out of your working day/hourly design rate. Continue reading »

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