Get Uncomfortable

Are you happy in your career or just going through the motions? Do you know it’s time to act, but you don’t want to? Are you pushing yourself to do more, and be more, or are you too comfortable being comfortable?

Making a change in your career involves work, and not everyone likes to do work. Whether it’s a new job, a new career, or a new way of dealing with a problem at work, challenging situations do not change without your active participation.

Maybe making changes in your career used to be easier. Maybe jobs were handed to you, or opportunities came quicker. Because of the nature of today’s workplace and the competitiveness among workers for jobs, those days are long gone. You get change when you work for change. You can wish that the process for change would be different, and they will be different once you put in the effort. (Or, when you keep going past the point where you want to stop.) Continue reading »

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Making Your Internship Count

Internships can be the gateway to finding your true calling or landing that dream job. But unfortunately internships can also feel like a useless waste of time if you don’t establish goals ahead of time and be proactive in getting the most out of your internship. Sometimes you have to push to get the type of exposure and experience you want out of your internship.

Set out clear goals you want to accomplish during your internship:

Some internships provide actual job descriptions with a list of duties and responsibilities for the intern; however many internships aren’t that structured and you’ll end up getting more out of your internship if you set clear goals you want to accomplish throughout your time. Make personal goals for yourself such as gaining exposure to certain aspects of the company or department, deciding which area you’d like to specialize in, learning research skills, building relationships with staff, attending meetings, etc. Try to set out goals before you start the internship and go back and evaluate them a few weeks after you start to make sure you stay on track to accomplish them. Make sure to keep track of the projects you’ve worked on and skills developed to translate them into accomplishments on your resume.

Keep an open mind: Continue reading »

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3 Steps to a New Career

Are you taking on too much at once?

Lynn described herself as someone suffering from career burn out. But every time she tried to figure out what to do next, she’d become overwhelmed and a bit depressed. She couldn’t see the possibilities.

Lynn’s process went something like this: she started listing her strengths and skills, along with the things she enjoyed doing, then she immediately tried to think of job titles and industries where she could do those things. She found one or two jobs that looked interesting, discovered she needed training, and then worried about how to write her resume and whether or not the job would pay the bills. At this point she became overwhelmed, stuck, and assumed there were no alternatives for her.

Lynn made the mistake many people make when trying to find a new career path. She was trying to answer all the questions simultaneously. The truth is that there is a process and an order to a successful career transformation. Continue reading »

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