Time Management Tips for Business

If you are a business owner it would be natural for you to think about the ways through which you can make your workers to give their best performance at work. Devising an action plan or setting goals at work with consideration of time management can bring really advantageous for your working environment.

Good working performance reaps more benefits and profits. Your team will complete their tasks within time, only if you make them aware of the benefits of managing time.

This would also let you share those difficulties you have to go through during your business affairs. But the main problem is how you can do that? Continue reading »

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Most of Us Have What It Takes – We Are Just Not Willing to Do What It Takes!

A few years ago I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Anthony Robbins. The event was comprised of a full day of speakers and, as someone who enjoys speaking; I was thrilled to watch some true professionals at work.

I have listened to hundreds of speakers over the years, and to watch Anthony Robbins was like nothing I had ever witnessed. He brought such raw energy to the stage that I could instantly see how he has been able to create a huge business around his personal energy.

More than his presence, what caught me was the unique way in which he engaged and challenged the audience. He asked the audience to consider what was holding them back from achieving their goals. A woman in the front row volunteered her story about how the responsibility of taking care of her children had made it impossible to achieve her goals. As the woman explained her situation, every person in the audience felt empathy and understood her difficult position. Continue reading »

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Wanted: Turnover Activists

Years ago, like some of you probably, I thought that staff turnover was an unfortunate cost of doing business. It never occurred to me that I can and should do something about it. Further, I thought that it was someone else’s fault. I blamed it on a lack of funding or the fact that other people (like the state) were able to pay people more than I was for essentially the same work. So rather than look inside my organization for areas of improvement, I pointed the finger at external situations that I believed underlying my turnover rate.

Turnover undermines everything your organization is trying to do. Yes, some turnover is inevitable and probably desirable. But the conclusion that It totally wastes money and makes your service much less than what it could be, is unavoidable.

Turnover is a manageable problem; it can and should be maintained at an acceptable level or reduced. To continue with turnover of over 15% without a program to reduce it is a challenge to leadership that must not be neglected. Continue reading »

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Printing Policies: Allies in Fighting the Crisis

How, Who and Where are some of the questions that a Printing Policy can provide an answer and a solution to. In other words, a Printing Policy gathers the rules that establish which is the best and most intelligent way to print and, consequently, save costs and be much more environment friendly.

A study concerning corporate printing conducted by KYOCERA Document Solutions in 2008 -the official start date of the economic crisis- concluded that businesses could save up to 25% with an adequate Corporate Printing Policy. Companies that have not acted on this matter yet only have to multiply this percentage by four to obtain the amount of unnecessary expenses they are making.

The reason behind this is that most companies let their workers manage printing issues. According to KYOCERA’s survey, eight out of nine companies do not know the exact total cost of printing in their organization. In other words, only one out of nine companies knows how much they spend on printing. In general, businesses have never really focused on the issue of printing, and they are still neglecting it thinking that it is an entirely necessary cost, when the truth is that it can be drastically reduced. Continue reading »

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