An Action Learning Coach Can Help Transform Your Organization

Action learning might be a new term to you, but the process has been around for over sixty years. In recent years, however, executives across the United States caught on to the effectiveness and value of this type of learning so it has had a resurgence in popularity. In fact, since 2004 it has increased in corporate popularity by over 50 percent, and many experts agree that the process works best when led by an action learning coach with specific expertise in this area.

Action learning is an educational process that involves working together as a group and learning as a group. The group tackles issues and reflects on everyone’s actions toward that issue. Through this process, learners gain knowledge through physical action rather than traditional learning techniques. The problem-solving capabilities of this form of learning stem from the diversity group members bring to the group dynamic.

The Basic Principles
There are many different facets of action learning but, generally speaking, this type of learning is based on four principles: Continue reading »

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