Get Paid for Writing and Brand Your Name As Writer

If you can write high quality content on a consistent basis, then you could be well on your way to get paid for writing. To get more traffic for the website, people always require excellent website content. The market is a brink of major change. To approach readers fast your content should be written in a format that it becomes the perfect bridge that links the consumer and the seller. To drive traffic of the website your information should be current and up to date.

Seller requires new leads for his website. To have a fresh content, they need to get it from the one who is enough skillful to accomplish the necessity of website. If you have the potential of writing an eye-catching content, you can sell articles and start earning from online work. There are many sites that will pay you for your content and will publish it under another person’s name. But the efforts and the time you spent on writing article seems worthless when you are not getting sufficient pay and is not rewarded as it should be.

The availability of writing job online is very high. You can take time to write your own good articles and submit them online. Continue reading »

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Choosing a Brand Name

The name of your brand is without a doubt, a key part of your company or product’s identity. Unfortunately, a number of individuals began to promote their trade names even before they clearly define them. As a result, they end up selecting a brand title without contemplating longevity, phonetics, trademark-ability, and differentiation.

When you are choosing the name that with give your company value, you must realize your brand identity represents a great deal more than a term. Of course the name does not solely represent the brand uniqueness, but it is the element the audience associates directly with the company itself. As such, the brand name should be distinctly unique so consumers will never confuse the brand with anything but the company to which it corresponds. In terms of success, a company’s brand is monumental. Rarely are winning logos produced before the brand title is conceived.

When it comes to drawing up possible names for your brand, you have an endless list of choices. The potential list is only limited by your imagination. The difficult part falls into play when it is time to choose the best name from within that list. The brand title you select should be one that only you own and one which can be protected by a trademark agreement. In addition to meeting that criterion, the ideal brand name will also be a catchy one that attracts attention immediately while making consumers aware of all the value the company offers. Continue reading »

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Protecting Your Brand During a Crisis

All companies, big or small, business to business or business to client, global or local have a brand. Sometimes the brand is delivered via the company name, sometimes by a logo or a catch phrase. For all companies however, their brand is the message, the visuals, the good and the bad; all elements combined to create emotion and recognition. Brands may be created by working with a branding agency or by default as a company traverses its customer and vendor relationships and business landscape.

Along the journey of any business, there will be optimal moments full of shining glory and glowing reviews and then not so optimal moments with unhappy customers or vendors, negative press or social media rumor mills gone rampant. Branding agency experts agree that having a crisis management plan that covers and protects your brand is imperative. Not only can it save you money and man hours up front, but over the long term as well. Successfully handling a crisis of any magnitude can often not only redeem a company in the eyes of existing customers, but earn it new ones as well.

Threats to a company’s brand can come from within or without. In today’s social media culture, all too often we hear stories or see videos of employees engaging in questionable activities on company time or dime. These stories can go viral and result in negative press for a mega corporation or severely damage the reputation of a local company. Having social media policies and guidelines that are clearly established and shared with employees is a key step in protecting a company’s brand. But to protect a brand, a company must know exactly what their brand is. Continue reading »

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A Brand Audit Will Move Your Business Forward

A brand audit tells you what’s so now…

What’s an audit? According to – an official examination and verification of accounts and records; or the inspection and examination of a building or other facility to evaluate or improve its appropriateness, safety, or efficiency…

When it comes to branding, a brand audit is a review and verification of your brand–printed and online; identifying communication channels and target audiences; and providing an analysis of what’s working and what’s not. It’s an examination and evaluation with the goal to improve the brand’s effectiveness.

If you’re thinking about a rebrand… begin with an audit

When you’re ready to begin a journey, you must have a starting place. When the decision has been made to refresh, restage or reinvent the brand program to market more effectively, a brand audit provides the foundation, the starting place. Continue reading »

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Kill the RFP, Look for Brand Expertise Instead

How do you find brand expertise?

You’re ready to review your marketing program. You’re considering a restage of your brand because you want to reach new markets. Perhaps you know your marketing isn’t really working any more. Or there’s new leadership and they want a fresh look at the brand. Maybe everyone is just tired of the out-of-date logo.

Whatever the reason, you want a consultant or a firm who can take on the program, work with your staff, and produce an outstanding result everyone will be proud of. Right?

One approach is to develop a Request for Proposal or RFP

RFPs are very common in government work, where there are many layers and procedures to follow based on purchasing and procurement processes and legal issues to address in contracts.

It’s also a frequent (and industry recommended) approach in higher education, where a college or university is looking for a partner to help them assess where they are and create either a more cohesive look or a fresh approach to student recruitment. Continue reading »

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The Anatomy of a Successful Brand Slogan: Lessons From the “One Pound Fish” Man

Last month, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” became the most viewed YouTube video of all time, and now, another video wonder is making it to the top of the site’s charts. This time, it’s the unsuspecting “One Pound Fish Man,” a fish stall seller named Muhammad Shahid Nazir, who works at Queen’s Market in East London’s Upton Park. In its first week since the video was posted, it accumulated over five million hits.

From a fish monger to an overnight sensation, Mr. Nazir has now been profiled on CBS in the U.S. and Australia, and on BBC World News in the U.K. Parodies have been created of his video, remixes of his song featuring President Obama are hitting the airwaves, and people from all over the world are visiting Queen’s Market to seek out Muhammad and get his autograph. He now has more than 30,000 followers on Twitter.

What could top that? How about a recording contract with Warner Music label, and Nazir’s first single of the song which was released on December 9th! Word is that he could end up having the number one Christmas single of the year. Continue reading »

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Why Your Personal Brand Matters

If you’re not managing your own brand, it is being created by default by those around you. How comfortable are you with that?

Do you trust your co-workers, your boss, even your friends to be able to describe you completely accurately? To be able to identify your greatest strengths, your inherent talents, where you can be most effective and valuable?

I know in my own life, there have been times when I’ve had a revelation about how someone perceived me and thought to my self, “Really? After all these years, you haven’t realized that I’ve evolved beyond that?” Those moments highlighted disconnects between who I had become and how others around me still saw me. After the initial surprise and disappointment, I finally realized that the responsibility for the misalignment was more mine than theirs. After all, other people are busy living their lives, worrying about how others see them, and aren’t going to give a lot of thought to how they see others unless faced with a situation that confronts their long-held views.

But your personal and professional brand is the image people have of your ability to contribute, your value to the organization, your future potential. Are you willing to risk that past perspectives are driving how you’re seen in the organization? If you’ve never considered your personal brand, assessed what others think it is, or thought about the actions and words that convey your brand to others on a daily basis, then you have relegated your brand to others and their perspectives. Continue reading »

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