3 Critical Reasons to Brand Your Business Email

Branding your business includes your website, logo, brochures, t-shirts and all of the fun things we order online. Have you ever considered that your email account is included as a portion of your brand. As a business owner, establishing your business brand is extremely important. Along with your business brand, decisions will need to be made with regards to the e-mail address you plan to use for your business. Some will refer to this as branding your business email account. Of course, before many business owners got started, they may have had their favorite email service provider such as Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL. However, when it comes to business, you’ll need to make a decision as to whether you want your e-mail to reflect your business or a third-party provider.

So I’ve included 3 Critical Reasons to BRAND your business email:

1. The importance of branding your business e-mail account will fall in line with the overall brand of your business.

So, when you send people e-mails from your business, you’ll want them to immediately identify the e-mail with the business in which it was sent from. Quite frankly, too many business owners make the mistake of not understanding that their e-mail address is just as important as the name of their business, their products, and the services they provide. With this in mind, your e-mail address will play a huge role in establishing credibility and rapport for your business. Continue reading »

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