Too Much Light On Your C-Store?

Now then, it is widely known that if you have a well-lighted facility it tends to curb crime, and it also makes the patrons and customers feel more comfortable, it looks safer in the light. Nevertheless, there are those crime analysts who will argue that it is merely a false sense of security, and whereas that might be true, a well-lit facility will bring in more business in the evening hours. But just how much light is the right light? After all, there is something to be said for light pollution, because it seems to put a glow around the facility which can be seen for miles.

All that light is cumulative, and NASA recently put out an interesting set of digital pictures coming from a satellite where you could see all the major cities in the United States from space based on the light they produced. Humans spend a lot of energy on light, but perhaps in the future they may not because most of the outdoor lighting we have will be energy efficient LED lighting.

There an interesting article in Illumination in Focus titled; “Cree provides indoor and outdoor LED lighting at Sheetz convenience marts,” published on November 29, 2012, which stated; “Sheetz, a chain of convenience marts selling food and gas, has chosen Cree LED lighting to retrofit more than 130 locations, with indoor and outdoor SSL fixtures delivering 45% to 55% savings over the prior lighting.” Continue reading »

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