Creative Uses for Black Light Reactive Carpet

You have probably seen black light reactive carpets in bowling alleys for those really awesome galaxy bowling times. There are many other uses for the fun designs and neon colours that are woven right into these unique carpets. Though the colourful designs reflect to a black light with a neon glow, they are just as wonderful when all the lights are on. The bright colours are extremely appealing to children and make a welcome addition to most day care settings, dance or gymnastic facilities or even the local ice cream parlour.

Every child loves colour and when creating an environment specifically for them it is important to catch their interest, make them feel comfortable and get them interested in playing and spending time there. The brightly collared patterns in commercial UV reflective carpets are a sure fire way to brighten any boring room. Day care centres can take advantage of the stain and fire resistant treatments that are available for these wonderful carpets. Most people instantly think of painting walls when looking to brighten up a space, it is really easy to forget the impact the carpet beneath your feet can have on the overall look of the place.

Dance facilities are always looking for new ways to bring some artistic flair to their studio spaces. Though the dance classrooms are typically floored with hardwood the entry spaces and dressing rooms are the perfect place for the beautiful and interesting patterns of neon swirls that adorn many UV reflective carpet styles. Continue reading »

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