An Atheist’s Guide to Dating a Catholic

When it comes to topics that cause disputes and arguments, few things get more heated than discussing religion. While politics and money are the other big causes of arguments, religion is something that many of us take even more seriously and personally, and that has even more wide and varied views. Atheists often just can’t understand Catholics, while Catholics can’t understand how atheists can live without a God in their life – and this then leads to misunderstandings and disagreements involving the way they raise their children, the way they spend their time, the way they vote and even their sex lives. It’s a difficult mix yes, but is it hopeless? Certainly not – as long as you’re willing to see their side of the story and to respect their beliefs. Here we will look at some ways to make it work.

Accept Them

Before you get into this relationship know this – you won’t be able to change your partner’s beliefs and nor should you. If you try to convince your partner to lose their religious ideology, then you will find you only push them away and cement their beliefs further. Make sure then that you are happy with them as they are before you start dating them. Likewise though they should also have the same respect for your lack of belief and it’s important you communicate early on that you don’t want to be converted. Continue reading »

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