Logo Styles: How Pro Graphic Designers Conceptualize Them

It’s human nature that people easily get attracted to images rather than plain texts. Both past and present scientific researches and experimentations have constantly proven this theory as a great number of audiences pay too much attention to graphical representations rather than the written words. For them, they can easily translate what the visual representation is trying to express by simply looking at it.

In business, an emblem plays an important role in every brand’s recognition and fame. Through it, customers can easily determine the type of business that a particular graphical design belongs to. Just take some of the world’s famous brands, such as McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Adidas, and Unilever as examples. What is common among them is that they are all represented by famous logos-emblems that do not contain actual names of the brand, but simply an iconic design.

Scrutinizing Logo Styles

Let’s have a glance on some of the aforementioned brands and carefully analyze their influence on targeted consumer groups. [Note: This article aims not to endorse any of the brands listed, but solely to impart some knowledge to the readers.] Continue reading »

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Secrets of a Stationery Designer: The Art of No-Fancy Letters

More and more companies and businesses are recognizing the importance of maintaining a good image by synchronizing their identities with all the aspects of their operations, most of which are composed of writing transaction letters and contracts. These of course, are printed in legible papers bearing their logo and reflecting their personality.

These papers will always make an impact, either to make or break, on the reputation of the organization. So, to be able to choose a design that will best reflect the identity of the company shall require some level of creativity and a handful knowledge in the color palette, or a good stationery designer.

Basically, business stationeries are nothing like what Romeo and Juliet send each other, not unless the company is a floral stylist. So a wise designer should be careful that the design shall not overpower the content of the paper. To be able to make it, one can bear in mind the following: Continue reading »

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How to Select an Office Interior Designer

Finding the right professional to design your new office space is critical. After all, business owners and office managers are likely great at what they do, but may lack the vision for a well-designed, cohesive office space. A professional can come in and maximize the potential in your space, seeing possibilities that you may have overlooked.

While it’s recommended that every office move involve a designer, connecting with the right individual can be a challenge. A good choice would be an interior design professional with experience designing corporate spaces. If you’re managing the move of a large company, it’s critical that you find a designer who has experience with office spaces that may have multiple floors that must be unified. It’s often helpful to seek referrals from companies similar in size to yours who have moved recently, since you’ll likely have similar needs.

It’s also critical to find your office designer early. Ideally, this professional works closely with your architect to plan an office space that is a perfect fit for your company. Your designer can advise when it comes to architectural elements like woodwork, recessed shelving, and other details. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll limit your options for customizing your new space. Continue reading »

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Tips to Hire an Architectural Designer

  • Know what you want– Before you hire an architect it is essential that you have your thought and ideas arranged about what you want. Decide whether you will be doing some portion of the work or assign the architect for doing everything. If you will be doing some part, then decide how much of the work you will be doing and to what extent you desire the architect’s involvement. Making lists of what you want, your priorities, and pulling out images of what you like and dislike will be incredibly helpful for you and the designer.


  • Ask for recommendations– Ask friends and relatives who have hired architects in the past whether they were satisfied with his/ her work. Ask for candid feedback. You can visit the project site and see the finished product for yourself. Also ask whether any problem had arisen during the project and how that was handled.


  • Check online– You can also search online for architects. Check out the websites of the architectural firm. See if they have displayed photos of their previous finished project. Make a list and narrow it down to a few who impress you. Continue reading »
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