How Office Designs Are Born

Before signing onto a new commercial lease, you should meet with a professional space planner to consider the needs of your business. This is a great opportunity to discuss a modern floor plan for the new office. Forget the square cubicle and grayscape office environment we all seem to associate with work. Today, well-designed offices are open, efficient, energizing spaces. The idea behind modern office design is that a work environment should energize and inspire employees while actually improving day-to-day work functions. So how can you start to envision your modern workspace? Begin at the bottom and work your way up by first creating a floor plan!

Creating a cohesive floor plan is a crucial part of office design. Typically, you will spend a few months discussing the company’s needs with staff, management, and a space planner before you begin the commercial real estate search for a space that fits your goals. First, consider the number of employees that will be moving to the space and any new hires that may come with the move. Then, consider their functions. If your business requires a good deal of collaboration between employees, you may want an open floor plan where employees can move from one work station to the next in an efficient and fluid way. If your business requires more solitary work, then you may want to section off certain areas of the office for privacy. As you work to create individual or group work stations, make sure that your floor plan is using space efficiently. With modern design strategies, it is likely that your current-sized business can fit into a smaller space. More employees do not necessarily mean more space. Continue reading »

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