Automation Temp Agencies and Manufacturing in Today’s Economy

In this time of economic decline, many companies are downsizing to keep afloat. However, for corporations that are centered around commodity production, departments and employees who are involved in the hands on manufacturing, like automation and light industrial workers, remain invaluable. While ‘paper pushers’ are more likely to have their jobs reorganized or eliminated, jobs ‘in the field’ are not so easily done away with. Hands will always be needed to make consumable products. Because of this, Automation Temp Agencies and placement organizations continue to serve an important purpose in our economy at large.

Automation is the application of machines, information technology, and control systems to maximize productivity manufacturing and the delivery of various services. Sometimes referred to as ‘Light Industrial Work’ these jobs include assembly, materials handling, inventory control, communication, telephone operation, and even medical specialties that require the operation of machinery and automated technology. Light industry and automation usually need less heavy machinery than other sorts of goods management, and can consists of the construction of consumer products like clothing and electronics. The skill sets needed tend to be manageable to master and safe to practice. These are jobs that do not need a huge amount of training to complete, but are generally valued services that workers can niche themselves into with time. Continue reading »

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