Employer Tax: What An Employer Is Responsible For

In cases involving the employment of an alien who is not a legal resident, the same thing applies. Applications for an EIN can be done online, through mail, by fax or with the use of the toll-free phone service. The process is free of charge. There are places on the Internet though where it is offered with a charge. Employers must be aware of such.

Employers have the right to withhold a portion of their workers’ wages to serve as their federal income tax. The specific amount for such is specified in the income-tax withholding table set up and made available by the Internal Revenue Service. The details are modified every now and though the IRS itself makes an effort to inform every concerned party about such changes, the company must also hold itself responsible in getting up-to-date with the latest specifications from the said bureau.

Another employer tax responsibility is for the social security and Medicare taxes. These can be withheld from the worker’s wages in the same way that the income tax is deducted. Continue reading »

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