Make The Most Out Of Haymaking Season

While modern machinery does make it a lot easier to make hay, it’s still important that you’re on top of the season when summer starts to rear its head. You need to be able to predict the best time to start making hay and you need to know when to bale. The better you are at haying, the more feed you’ll have for stock and the easier your year will tend to be.

Using the right machinery is incredibly important too. Modern farming equipment allows you to make every step of the haying process an absolute breeze. Follow a few of these tips and get the most out of haying season.

Predicting haying weather

Cut hay based on the weather rather than a date. Try to cut when there is little chance for rain. The sooner you can cut then the more chance the grass has to regrow for the next cutting. Also look forward to windier days that can help the hay to dry out and cure while it’s lying in the field. Continue reading »

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