Highland Cattle

Highland cattle originate from the highlands of Scotland, and are immediately recognisable by their shaggy coats, long eyelashes and long horns. They are found in a variety of colours, including brindle, black, red and silver. Whilst originally from Scotland, they are now a popular breed all over the world. Highland cattle are one of the oldest registered breeds in Britain, with records showing the breed first recorded in 1884.

The popularity of Highland Cattle is largely due to their hardiness. They can withstand extreme weather conditions due to their protective long coat, and also thrive on extreme terrains, making them ideal cattle for hills and mountains. They will also do well in warmer climates, making them the perfect all rounder. Another significant benefit of this breed is their meat, which tends to be leaner and low in cholesterol, yet still high in protein. In fact, the meat is 40% lower in cholesterol than other beef, which is of course highly desirable to today’s consumer. Continue reading »

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