Promoting Holiday Sales

If you’re in retail and are looking forward to a banner holiday sales season you may need a little help. This is definitely the season for sales, discounts and special offers and no matter what your store offers you can be sure a competitor is fighting for your customers too. Whether your store is located in a strip mall or other crowded business district you can help drive traffic into your place by using advertising inflatables that will grab the attention of people passing by and encourage shoppers to stop in. From product replicas and inflatable banners to air dancers and helium blimps there are a wide variety of inflatable products that will help promote your store during the holidays.

The holiday shopping season is the busiest time of year for retailers and they only have a few weeks to unload as much inventory as possible. Many stores will stay open late and even operate on weekends to meet the demands of shoppers and squeeze every second they can. If you are looking to cash in this holiday season make sure shoppers know you’re around by using high quality advertising inflatables that creatively and effectively get the attention of the people you want in your store. Continue reading »

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