Safely Removing Tree Obstructions In Urban Areas

Human beings are arguably the most dominant organism on this planet in terms of intelligence and adaptability. We have come to the point that our evolution is not anymore largely determined by environmental factors. Our adaptability is not anymore the product of environmental pressures on our physical capabilities. We tend to change our immediate environment to suit our basic needs, including the need for comfort.

Trees in urban areas

Modern cities and other urbanized areas tend to have very few natural vegetations or trees. Even parks are artificially developed and landscaped to suit human comfort and convenience. In many residential and commercial areas, the existing trees and other vegetations are mainly for aesthetic purposes.

Trees in urban centers are relaxing to look at. They punctuate the otherwise rigid and sometimes monotonous appearance of the urban jungle. These trees help regulate the temperature and aid in recycling the air, maintaining it fresh and suitable for breathing. Despite of these benefits and other crucial roles of trees in the ecosystem, they sometimes can cause obstructions and post threat to humans. This is particularly true for old trees and for trees that have been affected by strong winds or storms. Continue reading »

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Secret Power – Plants That Have Changed the World

The gods formed the first human beings from clay. But they were soft and weak and crumbled easily. Then the gods tried it with wood. The wooden puppets could speak and walk, but they had no soul, no intelligence. They just wandered around aimlessly. Then the gods kneaded the flesh of human beings from white and yellow maize and made the arms and legs from maize meal porridge.

The “maize people” could think and reason – and with one glance they grasped the entire world. The gods then breathed on the eyelids of their creation and veiled their sight for ever more. The gods did not want human beings to see or understand too much. This is what the May myth tells us. This film is about the history of the maize plant, which though it has conquered the world, has been given too little attention by “short-sighted” human beings.

300,000 people lived in Tenochtitlán, the capital of the Aztec empire, when the Spanish conquerors first arrived around 1500. Their staple food was maize. The farmers of Central America planted fields stretching from the sea to the mountains. Tomatoes, avocados, peanuts, pineapples, cocoa and potatoes flourished. Continue reading »

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