The 92 Year Old Woman Who Hit On Me And Taught Me A Valuable Senior Living Marketing Lesson

One of the coordinators wheeled her right next to me. As he was backing her up she looked over at me, gave a wink and stuck her tongue out at me.

This happened to me recently while visiting my grandmother in a skilled nursing community. My grandmother was at the community because she recently broke her hip. The community was in the town she was born and raised in, so she knew everyone there and right away felt welcomed.

This community had a wonderful activity director. There was something going on every day. The director planned singing, homeschooled children to do arts and crafts with the residents, animals going in and out the rooms. Every time I was there, there was something happening.

One particular day this past holiday season, me and my sister were visiting my grandma. We all went to the common area to watch a man sing and play the guitar. There was around 30-40 people and we got a front row seat. Continue reading »

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The Most Profitable 9 Words in Stone Countertop Marketing

Marketing is one of those words in the English language that has more meanings than anybody could possibly keep track of.

After investing over tens of thousands of dollars in marketing training, seminars and workshops I define marketing as something much more than an advertisement.

So, here is my shot at defining marketing for you:

Marketing is a holistic process of making somebody feel like they’d be a fool if they don’t utilize your services. This includes strategic creation of the product or service itself for a specific want or need of a market segment. This includes the packaging, delivery mechanism and communication strategy of consumer benefits to the most likely person to pay money for your creation. Continue reading »

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Make the Most Out of Marketing Your Accountancy Firm

For many new businesses, getting noticed let alone turning a profit can be a constant battle. Creating and maintaining a portfolio of clients is a challenge that many marketing experts wrestles with every day. So what if you are not in marketing? What if you are an accountant?

The skills and techniques used are wide and varied, however, they are not necessarily overly complicated. By striking upon a few key elements you can start the ball rolling towards financial growth, all the while refining what you and your business can offer in a dynamic and competitive market.

Narrow down your audience

Who you choose to target will have a direct impact upon your profits, so it’s important that you identify a specific audience. Play to your strengths, this will avoid losing time and money on clients that you are unable to help. Continue reading »

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New Vistas For Marketing Job Boards

Marketing is separate job discipline that requires special training, and one of the most efficient ways of filling vacancies in marketing positions is advertising on marketing job boards. The advantage of using marketing job boards, is that they not only present job opportunities for marketing professionals, but that they can also help to shape the way marketing is done. In addition to helping employers fill vacant marketing jobs, they can help candidates who are looking for new opportunities in the marketing sector. They can enable both active and passive job seekers to find jobs with relative ease.

Marketing is one of the functions of any business that can easily be neglected but always maintains top priority. It is multi-disciplinary and evolving to include new functions that did not exist until a few years ago. Employers of any organization, in almost any industry, can advertise their vacant marketing jobs on marketing job boards, while those looking for jobs in marketing will have easy access to all the open positions in a central location. The convenience eliminates the need to spend hours searching for jobs in marketing, as users can have access to advances search capabilities that allow job-seekers to choose jobs that appeal to them personally. Jobs can be listed by categories or disciplines, and you can also discern which disciplines hold more promise or potential.

The Human resources department of many organizations will contract the use of recruiting firms, that may then post the vacancies on marketing job boards in order to attract the most suitable candidates. Continue reading »

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Sure Ways of SEO Marketing for Small Business

Every business, whether big or small, needs to optimize their websites by the finder engines to gain a high page rank. The ultimate goal of every business is to bring traffic to their site and increase the conversion rate. It may sound that SEO techniques adopted by big business houses is quite expensive and small business owners do not even think of spending so much on for keyword maximization. But the truth is that small business can also benefit from maximization through other inexpensive strategy. There are many ways by which a small business can benefit from their websites being indexed.

A website is always aimed for achieving high ranks in the search portal. One of the many ways of making your webpage reach a high rank is link building. For getting more traffic, you need to utilize the sources from other websites and blogs where you can create one way links pointing towards your site. One way link building has several advantages for a small business in enabling the site to have high in the Google ranking. Creating a one way link will negate the process of link exchanging which can sometimes be costly. Exchanging links may be tiresome and little result being achieved especially for the small business owners.

Keyword is the main factor towards optimization and the first step would be to select a primary keyword which should be relevant to the topic in your page. Continue reading »

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5 Branding Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

What’s the use of having a great product or service if your target market has no idea you’re even out there? In this article we tackle five market strategies to make sure your brand gets out there and gets noticed!

How do I know what my brand identity is?

Your brand is what sets you apart from other companies. On the surface this can mean things your product’s design, logo, or slogan. Deeper than that, however is the idea that brand itentity is inherently tied to the feelings and emotions people have about your company. Simply put, those feelings come from a promise you make to your customers. Every time they purchase your product or pay for a service, they expect your brand to deliver efficiently, consistently and promptly on every stated and implied commitment.

A brand identity is also intimately tied to the kind of product or service you offer. Pampers, for example, is well-known as one of the best diaper brands in the world. What may not be as known is the fact that they are simply one of the companies under the umbrella of the more controversial corporation, Procter & Gamble. Their marketing strategy is to create the best products in each niche market and have their customers get to know them so well that they feel an affinity for them. Continue reading »

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How to Recession-Proof Your Business

The UK Government announced that the double-dip recession had finally come to an end last week. So what happens now?

There are two things that UK business owners can now do. You can carry on as before and hope that it gets easier to drum up new business or, you can learn from the tough economic climate and do your best to ensure that your business is not effected in that way again.

The way to do this is by recession proofing your business. If you had have had more customers 5 years ago, you’d have had more money in the bank to get through the difficult economic period.

In order to ensure you have money in the bank, you need to look at how you currently get new clients. Imagine you were an angler (perhaps you are) and you were at the fishing lake with one rod with one type of bait. The angle on the peg next to you had 5 rods and 5 different baits and had each of the rods cast in different locations at different depths. Which one of you would be the most likely to catch the fish? Continue reading »

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5 Tips for a Start-Up Marketing Plan

A start up marketing plan is used by you to convince investors to give you money to fund your business. Investors aren’t impressed by concepts such as viral marketing or premier branding. What they want to see his how they are going to get a return on their investment. Because of this they are some points you need to include in your start up marketing plan. Here are five suggestions to include and get the investors’ money out of their pockets and into your business.

A professional website and blog is a necessity for any business. It is one part of your start up marketing plan you can’t live without. The internet is the great leveler. Small businesses can compete with the big dogs with a professional website that is stylish and functional. Functionality is important so that visitors can find what they need and navigate your website easily. You can use Adobe Dreamweaver, or other low cost tools to create a website. You can also hire a website designer. A budget of $10,000 is a good place to start. A blog creates community and makes you an expert in your field. You can write it, or hire a professional writer. There are also plenty of free or low cost platforms on the web you can use. Continue reading »

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