Office Design Moves Outdoors

Today many successful businesses relocate their offices not only because of company growth, but also to create more efficient and enjoyable workspace for their employees. The basic thinking goes, if you are going to spend a great deal of time and money preparing these new offices, why not make them into workspaces that actually invigorate your staff? If you’re a business owner or office manager thinking along these lines, then you’re already on track to a successful office relocation and a bright future for your business. I just have one more idea to add to your modern thinking-outdoor space.

If the new commercial space you leased comes with a bit of green space, why not dress it up a bit? In the warmer months, this space can be enjoyed by clients and employees alike, boosting morale and encouraging fresh ideas. Businesses that thrive on creative thinking often have contemplative spots that spur employees’ eureka moments, but even if your business is not in creative a creative field, it can benefit simply from happier employees who more eagerly do their jobs.

You may also want to consider an outdoor space or courtyard for practicality sake. Most businesses have employees who smoke. Rather than have smokers congregate in the front of your business or near some sort of entryway, you can create a designated, private outdoor space that is set back from the public eye. Continue reading »

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Must-Have Office Design Experts!

If you’re planning an office move or a renovation of your current space, you’ve undoubtedly begun thinking about aesthetics-wall accents, new flooring, artwork, the works. While this may seem like a task for an interior designer, you should consider adding a few more experts to your team to make a truly impactful change, one that can improve your business. After all, the whole point of revamping or relocating an office is to create greater efficiencies, cut overhead costs, and increase profits, which is exactly what a full design team can do.

First things first, you need to analyze the space that you have and decide if you are using it to the fullest. A space planner is a great expert to consult on this. He or she can analyze the current functions of your space and suggest how those functions can be enhanced by knocking down a wall, moving around furniture, or simply opening up some cubicles. The end goal with a space planner is to decide exactly how your office space will be laid out and function. Although you want a beautiful and inspiring space, employees won’t feel very inspired if there is a modern art installation blocking access to their desks. Functionality should always be a top priority for any office design.

As you begin working on the layout of your space, you will want to bring in an architect and get their input on improvements that can be made. Perhaps the space planner and architect agree a wall should be knocked down to create greater work flow. If that’s the case, it is the architect who is responsible for organizing and executing that demolition and any other structural enhancements the space might need. Continue reading »

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