How to Design a Green Office Space

Businesses today are more concerned than ever before with the impact of their operations on the environment. While any office space can be made more environmentally-friendly, it’s often much easier for businesses to make earth-friendly changes during an office move. By selecting green materials, introducing energy-efficient products, and making other relatively cost-effective changes, it’s not too hard for businesses to go green in a big way when moving to a new office space.

One of the most important things to consider in green design is the space itself. Is the space just the right size for the company, or is it too big, meaning there is wasted square footage that must be heated and air conditioned? Does the space provide plenty of large windows for natural light, allowing employees to keep the lights off on sunny days? Natural lighting is also good for employee wellness and good indoor air quality, making windows one of the most important elements to consider in overall office design.

Once an office space has been selected, consider the materials used to fit out the interior, furnish the rooms, and even decorate the walls. Natural, sustainable materials are readily available, especially with today’s focus on earth-friendly design. One costly but elegant and reusable option is glass modular walls, which allow businesses to divide an interior in many smaller offices without building new walls that will ultimately be torn down when another tenant moves in. Continue reading »

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