How to Select an Office Interior Designer

Finding the right professional to design your new office space is critical. After all, business owners and office managers are likely great at what they do, but may lack the vision for a well-designed, cohesive office space. A professional can come in and maximize the potential in your space, seeing possibilities that you may have overlooked.

While it’s recommended that every office move involve a designer, connecting with the right individual can be a challenge. A good choice would be an interior design professional with experience designing corporate spaces. If you’re managing the move of a large company, it’s critical that you find a designer who has experience with office spaces that may have multiple floors that must be unified. It’s often helpful to seek referrals from companies similar in size to yours who have moved recently, since you’ll likely have similar needs.

It’s also critical to find your office designer early. Ideally, this professional works closely with your architect to plan an office space that is a perfect fit for your company. Your designer can advise when it comes to architectural elements like woodwork, recessed shelving, and other details. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll limit your options for customizing your new space. Continue reading »

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How to Design a Green Office Space

Businesses today are more concerned than ever before with the impact of their operations on the environment. While any office space can be made more environmentally-friendly, it’s often much easier for businesses to make earth-friendly changes during an office move. By selecting green materials, introducing energy-efficient products, and making other relatively cost-effective changes, it’s not too hard for businesses to go green in a big way when moving to a new office space.

One of the most important things to consider in green design is the space itself. Is the space just the right size for the company, or is it too big, meaning there is wasted square footage that must be heated and air conditioned? Does the space provide plenty of large windows for natural light, allowing employees to keep the lights off on sunny days? Natural lighting is also good for employee wellness and good indoor air quality, making windows one of the most important elements to consider in overall office design.

Once an office space has been selected, consider the materials used to fit out the interior, furnish the rooms, and even decorate the walls. Natural, sustainable materials are readily available, especially with today’s focus on earth-friendly design. One costly but elegant and reusable option is glass modular walls, which allow businesses to divide an interior in many smaller offices without building new walls that will ultimately be torn down when another tenant moves in. Continue reading »

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How Office Designs Are Born

Before signing onto a new commercial lease, you should meet with a professional space planner to consider the needs of your business. This is a great opportunity to discuss a modern floor plan for the new office. Forget the square cubicle and grayscape office environment we all seem to associate with work. Today, well-designed offices are open, efficient, energizing spaces. The idea behind modern office design is that a work environment should energize and inspire employees while actually improving day-to-day work functions. So how can you start to envision your modern workspace? Begin at the bottom and work your way up by first creating a floor plan!

Creating a cohesive floor plan is a crucial part of office design. Typically, you will spend a few months discussing the company’s needs with staff, management, and a space planner before you begin the commercial real estate search for a space that fits your goals. First, consider the number of employees that will be moving to the space and any new hires that may come with the move. Then, consider their functions. If your business requires a good deal of collaboration between employees, you may want an open floor plan where employees can move from one work station to the next in an efficient and fluid way. If your business requires more solitary work, then you may want to section off certain areas of the office for privacy. As you work to create individual or group work stations, make sure that your floor plan is using space efficiently. With modern design strategies, it is likely that your current-sized business can fit into a smaller space. More employees do not necessarily mean more space. Continue reading »

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Office Design Moves Outdoors

Today many successful businesses relocate their offices not only because of company growth, but also to create more efficient and enjoyable workspace for their employees. The basic thinking goes, if you are going to spend a great deal of time and money preparing these new offices, why not make them into workspaces that actually invigorate your staff? If you’re a business owner or office manager thinking along these lines, then you’re already on track to a successful office relocation and a bright future for your business. I just have one more idea to add to your modern thinking-outdoor space.

If the new commercial space you leased comes with a bit of green space, why not dress it up a bit? In the warmer months, this space can be enjoyed by clients and employees alike, boosting morale and encouraging fresh ideas. Businesses that thrive on creative thinking often have contemplative spots that spur employees’ eureka moments, but even if your business is not in creative a creative field, it can benefit simply from happier employees who more eagerly do their jobs.

You may also want to consider an outdoor space or courtyard for practicality sake. Most businesses have employees who smoke. Rather than have smokers congregate in the front of your business or near some sort of entryway, you can create a designated, private outdoor space that is set back from the public eye. Continue reading »

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Top Tips for the Modern Office

The big buzz in modern office design is centered on the notion of an open floor plan which encourages collaboration and creativity and compliments the new way that employees work-virtually and flexibly through the internet. The whole driving thrust of this office design movement is that workplaces should reflect corporate strategy and encourage better work from employees. But! According to The Californian Management Review’s report a few years ago, less than 5% of U.S. corporations utilize design to promote corporate strategy or improve performance. What gives?

Unfortunately the prevailing view among business owners is still to fit the most employees in the smallest space by installing rows upon rows of gray cubicles, which actually stifles human contact and employee collaboration. Without these interactions, employees tend not to innovate or really care about their jobs. Although this uninspired design may have short-term savings, it can have a terrible effect on long-term productivity and employee happiness.

Of course not all businesses can afford to design a state-of-the-art workspace complete with a koi pond in the lobby, but a few simple design choices can open up your space and encourage more collaboration and greater productivity. Continue reading »

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Explaining The Efficiency Of Office Cubicles

One of the leading innovations of modern age is Cubicles that has offered a new look to the workspaces. Cubicles are occupying the major spot in terms of annual sales figure of the office furniture and it counts nearly $3 billion every year.

The word ‘cubicle’ is derived from the Latin word ‘cubiculum’, meaning bed chamber. However, it has been widely accepted to denote any small enclosed space, provided with partitions that do not reach to the ceiling.

The inception of the idea of cubicles took place in 1960, when Herman Miller, under the guidance of Robert Propst started Herman Miller Research Corporation, to resolve the problems related to the use of furniture. He conducted research on how the workspace affects the psychology of the employees and how workspace has undergone changes over the years, demanding a total remodeling of it. Its invention was necessitated by the rising price of real estate and also the increasing cost of reconfiguring the office to accommodate the ever increasing workforce. Earlier employees used to work sitting behind rows of desks at an open space, known as open-bullpen, being subjected to unwanted diversions and distractions, devoid of privacy. This was bringing the employees’ productive skills notably down and killing their tendency to take personal initiatives. Continue reading »

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