Top Considerations When Deciding on Materials for Your Products

When you sell any product, or provide any service that’s reliant on a product, you are really providing three things – materials, a design and the effort of manufacturing and delivery. While the design might be what adds the value, the material is a very important aspect of this triumvirate as it will be responsible for dictating the cost it takes to manufacture and the amount you decide to charge.

This then makes it very tempting to choose the cheapest and most cost effective material available – the material of the minimum quality that you can ‘get away with’. Of course though this is in reality poor business sense and will result in more problems than it solves. There are many other considerations to bear in mind when you are deciding on a material and it’s crucial that you choose the material that presents the best ‘compromise’ position to satisfy all these factors. Here we will look at what those are.


The number one priority is that your product isn’t going to break or collapse when it’s being used Continue reading »

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How to Prevent Your Products From Failing

If your business sells products then your success will of course live or die with the quality of those products. Even if this isn’t the main focus of your business, but you need to work with certain products to provide your service, it’s crucial that you make sure these work as well as possible and that they won’t let you down by failing as soon as you’ve left them with your customers or clients.

Of course your reputation here is at stake if your products fail you after you’ve sold them, and you can risk leaving some very unhappy customers if you don’t ensure that the things you’ve sold them are working well. At the same time though, you can also risk causing injury leading to a lawsuit or even forcing you to stop selling.

The good news is that this can be avoided simply by taking precautions and going to the effort to test your products fully first and make sure that they are as stable and reliable as possible. Here we will look at how to do that, and how to avoid any embarrassing incidents. Continue reading »

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Buying Barcodes Online – For Retail Products

Before I learnt about barcoding I took those little blocks of vertical lines completely for granted. Barcoding has largely changed the nature of business across the world. We can all thank the humble barcode for speeding up our daily shopping. In addition, they allow companies to easily track and manage assets, allow for a streamlined ticketing procedure (think of large concerts and theatre), keep track of item movements such as rent-a-cars, mail and parcels and in addition they can even go as far as helping scientists keep track of insects like bees!

In this article I’ll only be covering the world of “retail barcodes”, particularly with the entrepreneur and small business owner in mind. Unfortunately the barcoding process can appear quite daunting when first entering this world. There’s no way around this – it’s a necessary evil to familiarise oneself with the ins and outs of this industry when launching a product to the retail market.

When creating a product to sell, the first time that the product owner usually even considers barcoding is once the product has been created, the packaging has been designed and the retailers where the product will be distributed have been approached. This is when the owner will usually get a nasty surprise – “We can’t sell your product without a valid EAN or UPC barcode.” Continue reading »

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Attention Grabbing Promotional Products

Studies have shown that advertising specialties make an impression and 8 out of 10 people remember the advertiser by the promo gift they’ve received. For example, a promotional stress ball is a great item for a sales meeting. People like to leave them on their desktop and they are handled often. Apparel and baseball caps are also great promotions because people see them as useful and valuable.

This year, the Pantone Color Institute released that the color of the year is “Tangerine Tango”. It’s a shade of bright reddish orange. You’ve already seen it trending in the fashion world. It’s bright, friendly and eye catching. It gives off a sense of energy and joy and it’s highly visible.Orange is becoming more popular with designers and consumers. The name of the game is eye catching.

While browsing the internet, I came across an article that compared branding to a Lifetime episode of Project Runway. It was a show where the challenge was to use unique materials to create fashionable outfits. They had to use candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar to be specific. Continue reading »

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