Are You Heading Down Burnout Road?

As entrepreneurs it’s easy to let our business take over our personal lives. We check emails just one more time. We do just one more thing. We respond to just one more request. Three hours later, our kids are wondering what happened to us.You may be thinking, “But I love my work and my clients! I enjoy doing it.” I’m sure this is true, or you wouldn’t be in business, but it’s still important to not over-indulge in your business. I love chocolate, but I can’t eat it all the time – that would be unhealthy. Even healthy things, like running, can cause injury when done too much.

Some of the implications of over-indulging in your business include:

  • Resentment for your business and even your clients
  • The quality of work you output
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Health issues associated with lack of exercise and stress Continue reading »
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GPS Truck Tracking to Help Keep Your Business on the Road

If you have heard or noticed questionable things going on in your trucking business, then you may want to have some way to keep better tabs on your employees. They do not need to know that you do this, but it might be wise to install a GPS truck tracking device on each of your vehicles. Doing so will give you a way to see if there are any issues that need addressing.

Some things that can happen with a trucking company are employees who do not work hard enough, speed while on the road, or even attempt to steal trucks and/or merchandise. There are likely other issues, but the first one probably includes a variety of problems.

With a GPS truck tracking device, you can find out how hard your employees are working. You can check to see when they start out for the day and when they stop. You can check on how long they take breaks too. Speeding can be detected, and if there are any other issues that you want to know about, it can probably be added to a report as well. Most people would not try to steal a vehicle from the trucking company, but you never know. The GPS truck tracking device will provide knowledge of your employees, and it will also provide security for the insurance company you choose. It might even lower the premiums on your trucks. Continue reading »

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