Wanted: Turnover Activists

Years ago, like some of you probably, I thought that staff turnover was an unfortunate cost of doing business. It never occurred to me that I can and should do something about it. Further, I thought that it was someone else’s fault. I blamed it on a lack of funding or the fact that other people (like the state) were able to pay people more than I was for essentially the same work. So rather than look inside my organization for areas of improvement, I pointed the finger at external situations that I believed underlying my turnover rate.

Turnover undermines everything your organization is trying to do. Yes, some turnover is inevitable and probably desirable. But the conclusion that It totally wastes money and makes your service much less than what it could be, is unavoidable.

Turnover is a manageable problem; it can and should be maintained at an acceptable level or reduced. To continue with turnover of over 15% without a program to reduce it is a challenge to leadership that must not be neglected. Continue reading »

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