3 Easy Techniques to Replace Bad Work Habits With Good Ones

As human beings, we are who we are because of the habits we have imbibed over time. This is because man is a creature of habits. If the habits we have imbibed are good and beneficial, they help us to make progress. When such habits are bad habits, they hold us down and prevent us from attaining our potentials. When the business you are running is not doing well, the first places to look for a remedy are your work habits. When you start a business with poor business habits, its chances of survival are very limited. The good news is that since all habits are acquired, we all have the power to change our habits by deliberate efforts through the following easy and practical techniques.

01. Make a commitment to somebody else. Experience has shown that when people make commitments to themselves, they usually do not take such commitments very seriously. That is the reason why it is recommended that very important commitments relating to change of habits should be made to someone else whom you respect and have a lot of regards for. There is a tendency to remain faithful to your commitments if you do not want to let down someone you deeply respect. Because you are aware that the person will hold you fully accountable, you will remain faithful to your commitments to change a particular bad habit or habits.

02. Choose a new habit and practice it consistently. There is some research evidence to support the fact that it takes about twenty-one days to form a habit whether good or bad. Continue reading »

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