Why Lighting Is Crucial for a Successful Workspace

Lighting is a big deal. When you look for a new apartment or house, you always consider natural light. At an art exhibit, the way the light hits a sculpture or painting is nearly as important as the artwork itself. Lighting affects how we feel about things, not just emotionally or aesthetically, but physically. Simply put, we need light to see and avoid eye strain which can lead to permanently impaired vision. Yet with all the importance we seem to place on lighting in our everyday lives, whether in the home, at a basketball game, or taking in some beautiful pieces at a gallery, lighting in the work environment somehow doesn’t rate.

With tons of computer monitors, overhead fluorescent lights, and some natural light thrown in, most offices are a recipe for eye strain and fatigue. You know that feeling you get after staring at a computer for a huge chunk of your work day? Suddenly everything seems out of focus and there’s a dull ache behind your yes? That means the lighting in your office is deficient, and your eyes (and your business) are suffering for it. With vision-impaired employees, productivity is sure to suffer. Plus, fluorescent glare is not exactly an enticement for your clients either.

So how do you make the switch? Just a few simple lighting tips can really do the trick for your business. Here’s an easy one to start off-angle all office monitors so that they are situated at a right angle from the closest windows. This will help eliminate computer glare and lessen employee eye strain. Installing adjustable blinds may seem like a no-brainer, but finding the right allowance of natural light into the office will also hugely reduce computer glare. Continue reading »

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